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Personal Chef & Catering Services

Keena’s Kitchen Head Chef, Chef Ikeena Reed provides personalized chef services to individuals, families and corporate clients with holistic, health-conscious menu development crafted especially for your unique tastes and dietary needs.  Nutrition consultations complete with allergy assessments are given full attention so that menus are mindful, fresh and healthy. Clients with health concerns such as hypertension, diabetes and severe intolerances to foods are given the upmost care, and customized menus are prepared with sacred healing held as the primary intention. Fresh herbs, spices and other known culinary ingredients are used with reliable knowledge of their healing properties to provide well rounded meals that aid the body’s natural systems in optimal function.  Using your home/office kitchen, Chef Ikeena will prepare pre-scheduled, seasonal and organic meals for up to six persons. This mobile service is open to all orientations and frequencies, and requires 2 weeks advanced booking with a deposit of 60% of the total invoice for the week’s booking.  For inquiries, please email us at .

*72 hours advanced notice (of the scheduled date of service) is required for all cancellations with a %20 service penalty. Cancellations made after the initial 72 hour period and “No-Shows” will be charged 60% of the total deposit fees. An additional $20.00 processing charge may apply.

** We specialize in catered meetings, small parties and larger scale Gala’s for non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses that support fair and real foods for Bay Area communities.

Keena's Kitchen has several features to compliment an array of social, family and business related functions.  This mobile service requires 90 days advanced booking with an initial deposit of 60% of the total invoice. Events we are often contracted for are:

retirement parties birthdays for adults and children outdoor events (picnics and beach BBQs) pre-wedding dinners for couples bachelorette parties wedding party dinners anniversaries baby showers religious affairs home coming Arvals corporate meetings and events nutrition-based personal chef contracts intimate dinners for couples family reunions elegant brunches after five meals w/numbered courses (limited volume) non-profit events sporting event parties alternative gatherings, workshops and conferences


Buffets or Partial/to Full Service Events are available year-round at Keena’s Kitchen.  With this mobile service, we can fully plan all aspects of your dining experience and customize that experience to provide exactly what your event requires.  Venue procurement (an event management service) and onsite preparation is your choice as we aim to make your events comfortable and suitable for you and your unique party.  Table and room décor is also provided with an additional service cost upon request. 

Chic and Trendy Themed Bars (focal point food and favor stations) are a popular and festive way to entertain; and Keena’s Kitchen will help you choose the right bar/s for your unique setting.  You will have the option to man the bar with serving staff or choose to have guests serve themselves to help ignite lively conversation amongst party goers.  Some of the themed bars featured include (and are not limited to):

Boss Bites Bar–Choice of six mini appetizers (client selects geo-region and assortment)

Tropical Fruit Bar—Seasonal fruits on skewers with three dipping sauces and paired cocktails/wine (fixed)

Build-A-Burger Bar—Assorted slider combinations (organic meats & vegetarian patties available)

Chocolicious—Assorted forms of mini chocolate edibles (truffles, spoons, parfaits, drinks and sculptures)

Veggie Paradise—Seasonal vegetable assortment on skewers with three dipping sauces (fixed)

Raw Bar—Assorted raw foods with raw dips (fruit, veg, cheese, seasoned nut & seed mixes, Cocao dips, elixirs)

Mardi Gras Bar—Assorted bites of New Orleans (specialized tribute bar with a combo of treats, fixed)

Tea Time—Assorted hot and iced teas with traditional/non-traditional food service (scones, finger sandwiches, crumpets w/whipped compound butters and house made jams, salads and petits four cakes)

Favor Bar—Choice of decorative party favors made w/organic food ingredients (bath salts, planters-self serve)

Custom Menu Design  Keena’s Kitchen’s seasonal menus are a basic guideline designed for the convenience of helping you create the type of dining experience you would like to have.  Menu design and preparation is a collaborative effort and the best results come when clients participate in the process.  More nutrition-based menus are also prepared for clients with allergies and health concerns and Keena’s Kitchen is happy to visit you at your home or a location of your choosing to put together a delectable selection of samples to try out with a couple of friends or family.

Event Planning Services 

Keena's Kitchen also features full scale event planning,

and to that end, we are able to provide:

event consulting venue procurement permit procurement fundraising consulting for silent auctions and personal causes (college send-offs, cancer charities, HIV charities, etc.) advertising (including PSA’s, radio spots, news publication listings, social media blasts, traditional card stock invitations and press releases) personal shopping (for decor, equipment, supplies, favors or keepsakes, etc.) food photography live event art (ice or chocolate sculptures, live painters and caricature drawers, live fabric graffiti art, portrait photographers, dancers, musicians and industrial artistic acts, i.e. fire spinning and twirling)

alternative healing artists (massage therapists and acupressure practitioners, etc.) floral arrangements

Some services are contracted to reputable and accredited partners and affiliates of Keena's Kitchen to produce these features and can be available on-site to fulfill the needs of our clients.  While Keena’s Kitchen will plan your event, additional service contracts may be necessary for collaborative services.  Keena’s Kitchen will work to streamline these processes for our client’s convenience.

Cancellations:  *30 days advanced noticed (of the scheduled event date) is required for cancellations with a %50 service penalty. Cancellations made after the initial 30 day period and “No-Shows” will be charged 60% of the total invoice plus an additional $100.00 convenience charge.

Call or Email Keena’s Kitchen now to schedule your free 60 minute consultation,

and get the planning for your special occasion underway!

     Eat, Learn, Live!     

Catering & Event Planning                                Guest and Cost Minimum Apply

                                                                                                                     (Guest minimum 30 Persons)

Intimate Private Dinner Parties                            Guest & Cost Minimum Apply

                                                                                                                       (Guest maximum 30 Persons)

Let Keena’s Kitchen set the energy for your space and provide full table service for you and your special guests.  Up to six courses filled with decadent seasonal ingredients that tempt and tantalize.  A prix fixe menu including organic wine pairings for Amuse-Bouche, Starter, Soup, Salad, Entree and a heavenly Dessert that’s sure to ignite your passions for epicurean adventure. These preparations are seasonal and fluctuate as the seasons change. Chef Ikeena creates an atmosphere of heart-centered amity, with warm table décor of floral arrangements, candles and sophisticated place settings including elegant stemware, dinnerware and utensils. Invite your favorite friends and or family to join you and make it a night to remember. This mobile in-home dining service is open to all orientations, and requires 2 weeks advanced booking with a deposit of 60% of the total invoice. For inquiries, please email us at .

*72 hours advanced noticed (of the scheduled event date) is required for cancellations with a %50 service penalty. Cancellations made after the initial 72 hour period and “No-Shows” will be charged 100% of the total deposit fee plus an additional $25.00 processing charge.


Personal Meal Services                                              Cost Minimum Applies

                                                                                                                  (Household maximum 10 Persons)